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Required Information

When deciding to hire system seating for an event there are many things to take into consideration. We have providied some of the useful information that we may require in order to help with your event, having these details available when you contact us will speed up the process and we will be able to tailor our services to meet your requirements more effectively.

· What is the location and date of the event?

· Are there any time constraints on the build and any strike days?

· What are the ‘handover’ times?

· The number and type of seats required?

· The size of the footprint available for the seating (length x depth)?

· What headroom is there if built indoors?

· All access details - Both systems have heavy components and distances between the delivery vehicle's and build area are relevant as are any door/gate sizes.

· What parking is there for our trucks while on site (most relevant in urban locations)?

· If indoor build, is it ground floor and can wheel boards be used - no steps or high sill irons?

· If not on the ground floor is there a goods lift and what is its size and capacity?

· If not on a hard standing surface is the access capable of supporting heavy vehicles?





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