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System Seating

This is a complete package and comes with stadium style polypropylene tip up seats.

The seating density is greater due to the use of tip up seats as the walkway to the front of the seats can be reduced in width. This has to be built in modules and is subject to some constraints on block size due to this.

There are regulations laid down as to the number of seats that can be in a row without access to an aisle for safety reasons. For the majority of events this means a patron should be no more than 12 seats away from an aisle. However this can mean on a two aisle stand, that it is possible to have 24 seats in a row with an aisle at either side.

This may mean that your ideal seating plan has to be modified to allow for aisles where the regulations dictate.

We will supply you with a dimensioned plan as part of the booking process as we must be in possession of the final specification before loading. Components have to be loaded to the design confirmed and cannot be easily changed on site.

System seating is generally faster to erect than other types if on a flat surface such as a sports hall, although with the correct components can accommodate surface undulations provided they are known and surveyed prior to final specifications. System seating uses galvanised metal components and can be used both indoor and outdoors.


Deck Based Seating

This as its name suggests, is built using a system of decks, we generally use Steeldeck™ which is the industry’s preference.

Built to suit the requirements of the event, it is flexible enough and capable of being erected on uneven surfaces or to irregular shapes.

It is also subject to parameters of size by virtue of its deck sizes. Where this system scores is in its ability to accept client specified or supplied seating which while it can include their use, is normally not of the ‘tip up’ type allowing more elbow and leg room - it can also be made with sufficiently deep tiers to accommodate client’s patrons not requiring others to stand to allow them to reach their seat.

Seating used must be capable of being secured to its neighbour and the structure We would be happy to advise on this or supply suitable seating if required. We have several different types of seating available, please ask for more details.

It’s quite common for a tiered unit to be augmented by row(s) of floor standing (groundling) seats.


Covers for Outdoor Events

We have the ability to cover a stand of up to 500 seats without restricting any view with pillars.

These covers are capable of supporting lighting and we would be pleased to advise on capacity/load bearing for the chosen block size.



We also provide a variety of chairs for events, so we are able to help no matter if your event is large or small.



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